In the bustling city of Leeds, the Leeds Fencing Company has built a reputation for excellence in both the traditional and contemporary fencing realms, reflecting the same prestige and elegance that polished stone paving brings to gardens. Recognising the importance of a well-defined outdoor space, this fencing company in Leeds specialises in fence repairs, ensuring that every fencing panel reflects the durability and aesthetic appeal homeowners desire.

Their fence installation process is thorough and meticulous, fitting into the refined charm of a Leeds garden as seamlessly as polished stone. As a leading Leeds fencing contractor, they take pride in providing a wide selection of garden fencing options, from sturdy fencing panels that stand the test of British weather to the sleek lines of contemporary fencing that complement a modern patio’s polished stone.

Their commitment to quality and service as a fencing contractor is evident in every new fence they erect, offering customers the opportunity to express their personal style with a variety of designs. Whether the project calls for the restoration of an existing barrier or the crafting of a new one, their expertise ensures that each garden fencing project is handled with the utmost attention to detail and craftsmanship. This blend of tradition and innovation makes Leeds Fencing Company a trusted partner for transforming any garden into a personal haven of outdoor luxury.

There are three reasons why paved areas made from natural, smooth stone are so popular:

Superior Quality Final Product

A superb polish that will endure the test of time has been painstakingly applied to each stone.

Stunning Design and Color Choices, Available in a Huge Variety

Drawing from a wide palette of colors and styles, you may create a one-of-a-kind appearance that’s uniquely you.

All Circumstances Have Their Charm

Your outdoor space will look great all year round because to the ability of the smooth sandstone paving to preserve its beauty during all four seasons (sun, rain, snow, and ice).

Paving your outdoor area with smooth sandstone, which is available in a wide variety of beautiful natural hues, is a certain way to make it seem entirely different. These one-of-a-kind tones have evolved naturally over many generations, and they are now available to spruce up your own outdoor retreat. If you’re going for a modern look, smooth-finished outdoor porcelain tiles are the way to go. There is an abundance of choice, and the final decision is yours to make.

Paving laid with polished, high-quality sandstone

These flawlessly straight and smooth edges did not appear naturally. Stone is processed in factories to make it smooth, which also improves the quality and uniformity of the finish compared to a naturally occurring riven pavement slab.

It is easy to see that the finish on concrete slabs is of high quality when all of the exposed sides and edges are smooth. When it comes to style, a patio may be surpassed by nothing.

Non-riven pavement is safer for walking on than smooth pavement.

All of the paving options we provide for outdoor usage were made specifically with that environment in mind. This proves that they are a dependable option for paved patios and that they are suitable for the wet climate of the United Kingdom. Inherent slip resistance is included in the sawn sandstone we utilize for smooth sandstone paving 900 x 600. The slick natural stone walkway will continue to serve its purpose as a safe walking surface so long as it is properly cared for.

Although the polished slabs are not notoriously dangerously slippery, extra care should be exercised when traversing wet pavement.

If you want to make sure that this never happens, outdoor porcelain tile is your best option. These tiles’ slip resistance comes from the application of a “R-Rating System” during production that applies a minimum amount of anti-slip to the surface.

Smooth paving comes in a wide variety of colors and designs that are sure to wow.

If you want your yard to look great after you’re done landscaping, paving it with smooth sandstone might be the way to go. Paving constructed of polished natural stone is available in a wide variety of hues, and it can instantly elevate the look of any space. If you want your garden’s paved area to have a modern and minimalist look, polished sandstone pavers are a great alternative. Sandstone’s natural hues give it a rustic look while also helping to define its geometric shapes.

If you’re searching for something even more cutting-edge, outdoor porcelain pavement is also an option. These manufactured tiles are in pristine condition and are available in a wide variety of surface treatments.

If you need to pave an outside location that must be quiet, go with a smooth finish. They’re built to last, and as long as you give them a good scrub down every so often, they’ll be OK against the elements.

How to Choose the Perfect Paving Material for Your Yard

A wide variety of smooth paving materials are available for you to choose from when designing your garden. This is because there are so many variations in terms of kind, color, shade, texture, and finish. Despite this reality, selecting the ideal smooth pavement for your yard should not be a time-consuming ordeal.

Selecting the color of the natural stone pavement you wish to utilize in your garden is the first and easiest step. Pick a shade that works well with your garden’s aesthetic and the general ambiance of your outdoor space. It is important to choose a color scheme that complements the overall theme or aesthetic you have in mind for your garden.

We offer paving in both light and dark shades of gray if you’re interested in creating a more muted and polished patio area. These are really up-to-date looking, with a wonderful, streamlined design. If you want your patio to have a smooth paved surface and are feeling particularly brave, you may think of creating a mosaic pattern using a variety of smooth sandstone paving slabs.

Is It a Good Idea to Use Smooth Paving?

There is a wide variety of smooth paving slabs to choose from, so it should be easy to find something you like. Limestone is a great option if you’re searching for a material that’s as easy to clean as porcelain tile. Limestone, on the other hand, is a touch more natural while still being great and smooth, so it may be what you’re after.


When going for a modern, on-trend look, smooth pavement will always win out over naturally polished stone. If you need help deciding which option is best for you or which kind of paving slabs in general is the best option to go with, please contact us and we will be pleased to advise you.


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