Rats are unwanted guests you never want to spot scurrying in your house. Such dirty pests can damage your home and spread diseases wherever they go. You can prevent these rodents from setting up camp in your house by eliminating possible attractants. Once rats find a location that can provide them with the essential items they need to survive, they will take up residence there. Pest control experts at pointepestcontrol.net will eliminate a rat infestation and give you tips on how to make your home less attractive to these rodents. They can educate you about what could draw rats to your house including the following:

Various Kinds of Food

Rats cannot pass on anything they can consume. They are constantly looking for a stable food source. This is the reason they may feast on leftovers on your kitchen counters and unsealed garbage cans. These rodents that have resided outdoors will feed in nuts, veggies, fruits, grains, and seeds. When they move indoors, they often target cereal, rice, and oats stored in boxes or think plastics. Also, they will eat pet food left in your pet’s feeding station. Some of these pests can stick to a high-protein diet, so they tend to hunt for meat scraps, insects, or even mice. 

Warmth and Shelter

As with a lot of warm-blooded creatures, rats seek warmth and comfort, particularly in winter. Also, they need warm areas to give birth and raise their pups in. Because your house may have a fireplace and a heating system, rats are drawn to the comfort and heat it offers. They will look for entry points to get into your house and construct nests near your appliances. 

Open Garbage Cans and Pet Waste

Not putting tight lids on your garbage cans allows rats to attack them. To prevent an infestation, seal all your trash cans. Also, make sure to empty the garbage cans inside your house regularly. 

Moreover, rats can also eat the food that your pet has digested. To prevent rats from attacking your yard, clean your pet’s waste right away. Diffuse the smell on the patches of grass by spraying water on them. 

Water Sources

Even small pipe leaks are an opportunity for rodents to get a stable source of water. Also, rats are drawn to other containers with a consistent water supply like birdbaths and pet bowls. To ensure these rodents don’t pester your house due to water, fix all leaky pipes and hoses around your home. Replace dripping faucets and sprinklers immediately. 

Nesting Materials

Clutter for rats is as essential as food as it offers them shelter and protection against predators. They usually build nests in areas near sources of food that also offer enough cover. Basements, attics, garages, and sheds are the ideal hideouts for rats. Typically, clutter is made with materials that rodents use to build nests. 


As rats also feed on seeds and fruits, keeping plants indoors and fruit trees in your yard will draw rats to your property. Rats can get into the attic through tree branches that extend to your roof. These plants also offer rats nesting materials. 

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