Introduction –    

Many are the owners of off-plan property in Dubai but did you ever think about selling it? So, one of the most important things that you should know is that selling an off-plan property can be a tedious task. Especially when the legal and law proceedings are there, like obtaining a NOC, compulsory form A, and so on. So, in this post you will get to know everything that you want to know about selling your off-plan property, who is permitted to sell, merits of the same and what happens in case there is a dispute and so on. If you have any property then you can list your properties for sale in dubai. Continue reading and explore more on ways in which your off-plan property in Abu Dhabi can be sold. The first and the foremost thing, you ought to know is as to who is permitted to sell an off-plan property in Dubai.

Selling an Off-Plan Property –

Not everyone can sell a off-plan property in Dubai. As per the Dubai Land Department (DLD) only developers who have obtained permit from the DLD can sell an off-plan properties. If perchance you are an individual owner of an off-plan property, then you may not be allowed to sell it, unless and until the development is complete and it has been registered with the authorities. You can also buy property in dubai and also enjoy the tax exemption in some scenarios. Besides that, once a developer gets a permit, they can book agents or brokers for the market and sell the properties on their behalf. Besides that, it is also pivotal for the buyers to see that both the developer and broker are having the license and are RERA registered, prior to they getting involved in any kind of agreements connected with the sale of off-plan properties. This will in turn assist in protecting you against any kind of scam and illicit practises.

Steps for Selling Off-Plan Properties –

Knowing who is permitted to sell an off-plan property in Abu Dhabi or Dubai is important, especially when selling your own property. Ensure that all the parties involved comprises of a license, permits before proceeding with any property transactions. Looking for dubai properties to buy see here more on it and invest in some of the cool and luxurious properties in Dubai. You also need to have right knowledge and approach for the process. Next, the first step for selling an off-plan property is to have all the needed documents ready. It comprises of sales purchase agreement, NOC, title deeds, form A and so on. Plus, you need to have a reputable real estate agent who has expertise and experience in selling an off-plan property in Dubai. They can assist you with listing your property on several platforms and also negotiate properly with possible buyers.

MOU and NOC –

After you have found a purchaser for your property, both the parties will sign a MOU (memorandum of understanding) which has the everything written, including the terms and conditions of sale. Plus, you should also get a NOC – No Objection Certificate from the property developer prior to transferring the ownership to the new purchaser. Both the parties have to pay a transfer fee that too on completion of legal formalities and additional costs if any, like agency fees or administration fees if any.


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