Traditional Gutter

Traditional gutters have easy-to-assemble, pre-cut sections that fit together. However, numerous joints must be sealed or soldered with numerous sections to prevent leakage. Gutter sections are available in various materials, such as steel, vinyl, aluminum, and copper rain gutters.

Steel gutters are by far the heaviest and most durable conventional gutter materials. They perform well in places with extreme weather, such as intense rainfall or snowfall. Regardless, they corrode readily, so their lack of longevity and susceptibility to leakage must be considered. In addition, their weight makes them difficult to lift and support during installation.

Copper and aluminum gutters are both strong and resistant to corrosion. With proper upkeep, they can last for decades. Also, aluminum gutters are available in various colors and can be painted to complement the house’s exterior. 

Vinyl gutters are rust-resistant, lightweight, easy to install, and much less expensive than alternatives, but they lack durability and aesthetic appeal. Due to the lack of UV resistance, vinyl becomes dry and fragile when exposed to intense heat. In addition to causing vinyl to deform and lose functionality, heavy rainfall also causes it to sag and become unappealing. They thrive best in moderate climates.

Seamless Gutter Systems

Seamless rain gutters are typically more durable than traditional gutters because they consist of continuous lines with seams only at the corners and downspouts, eradicating most failure points. 

They are ideal for systems that frequently become obstructed and are not cleansed immediately, such as those with overhanging trees. They are made from the same materials as traditional gutter systems, but rather than arriving in tiny sections, an extrusion machine constructs custom-sized lines for your house. 

Seamless gutters can be more expensive and difficult to install, but they are more durable, require less maintenance, and add to the aesthetic appeal of your property.

L.I. Metal Systems’ decades of success are founded on their knowledge of the industry and the specific requirements of each product for each consumer. They offer personalized, dependable service to all of their customers.



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