custom pools Virginia


A pool for relaxation is more than a water feature, it’s a refuge that promises peace and relaxation. The perfect relaxation pool combines design, features, and ambiance to create a tranquil retreat. Let’s find out how to design the best relaxing pool to create a peaceful refuge.

Design with Serenity in Mind

To create custom pools Virginia, start with a design that prioritizes peace. Adopt a minimalist style with clean lines, soothing hues, and organized spaces. Choose a simple, beautiful pool shape like rectangle or freeform to match the scenery and create calm. To harmonize with nature, use stone, wood, and lush flora. The goal is to create a calm, balanced environment through design.

Choose Soothing Materials and Finishes

Choosing the appropriate materials and finishes for your relaxation pool is essential for a relaxing ambiance. Choose materials with relaxing textures and colours that match the theme. Natural stone, pebble finishes, and soft-hued tiles provide a peaceful atmosphere. Choose materials that are comfy for pool lounging and walking. Non-slip surfaces improve safety and comfort in the leisure zone.

Use Gentle Water Features

Water features are essential for a relaxing atmosphere in a pool. Choose bubblers, fountains, or flowing waterfalls that provide mild sounds. Relaxation and awareness are promoted by gentle water sounds. Strategically place water features to enhance sensory experience. A well-placed waterfall or fountain can grab attention and calm the pool.

Create a Private Atmosphere

Privacy is crucial for a relaxing pool design. To hide the pool from neighbours, use tall plants, hedges, or pergolas. Use natural barriers to add isolation without sacrificing nature. Fencing or decorative screens can give seclusion and style to the relaxing zone. The idea is to create a peaceful cocoon where you may relax and escape the world.

Integrate Comfortable Seating and Lounging Areas

Create a relaxing pool by incorporating comfortable seats and lounging spaces. Create inviting resting locations with premium outdoor furniture with velvety cushions and comfortable throws. Daybeds, chaise lounges, and built-in seats let you relax by the pool. Umbrellas or pergolas shade chairs, making the relaxing pool more comfortable. Seating strategically around the pool increases its relaxing effects and offers diverse perspectives.

Use Aromatherapy with Fragrant Plants

Enhance relaxation by appealing to the sense of smell. For relaxing scents, put lavender, jasmine, or eucalyptus around the pool. Place potted herbs or fragrant flowers strategically to create fragrance pockets. Aromatherapy reduces tension and promotes relaxation, making it a great addition to your relaxation pool.

Consider a Hot Tub or Spa Feature

Incorporate a spa or hot tub into your pool design for optimum relaxation. Hot tubs relieve stress and relax muscles. A spa area in the pool lets you easily switch between warm and chilly waters, boosting the soothing experience. Place the hot tub to take advantage of views or create a quiet hideaway in the relaxation pool. Pools and hot tubs suit varied relaxing styles.


To create a peaceful oasis, design elements, materials, and features must be carefully integrated. Everything from the architecture to the use of relaxing materials, water features, and comfortable seats affects the relaxation pool’s atmosphere. A holistic approach that promotes peace, comfort, and sensory engagement can transform the pool experience. The ultimate relaxation pool is a personal getaway where you can relax, revitalize, and enjoy a professionally constructed aquatic oasis.